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Love Ghost crafts a perfect buildup with the phenomenal “Mr. Blue”. Delivered with just the right punchiness, the song evolves in such a carefree way. The multifaceted, multilayered sound has a tropical vibe running through it.


“Love Ghost cements what makes them so unique and why they are winning so many awards – their song compositions are intelligent and sophisticated, presenting original and unpredictable instrumental arrangements while remaining highly relatable with great vocals and lyrics… “Mr. Blue” is so well composed, you wonder if these alternative rockers had some classical training. Love Ghost knows how to take a musical risk; they dive into interesting harmonic and melodic structures creating vivid sections that jam out, bursting in alternative substance, but never for too long… Love Ghost is on track to be the next big festival band in the U.S.   They have an exciting and engaging sound that appeals to the masses, but is still so full of substance that the respect and enthusiasm for their music will surely continue to grow and keep them on the road to success - this is a band to watch in 2019.”


“few writers of his generation understand as well as Finn Bell, the intricacies of a catchy, pop-tinged alt-rock song, or are able to master the complexities of genre-melding in the way that he and the band prove themselves capable on “Mr. Blue”.  It feels like the pinnacle of the band’s lyrical progress to date, a slice of gorgeous mind and heart-melting imagery which takes melancholic introspection and reflects it through blissful pop-flavored alternative rock.”

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“We always love a great progressive rock hit that knows how to deliver stunning guitar riffs and electrifying vocals.  Love Ghost comes through with a hit record, “Mr. Blue”… As soon as it plays you become immensely captured in everything it has to offer. “Mr. Blue” is a magnetic force you can’t help but become attached to!”


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“Our favourite new music of the year, Love Ghost have just released their Titanic new single “Mr. Blue”. It’s evocative, but not overbearing. Hard hitting, but also wonderfully light and enjoyable, and it holds enough power to make the lyrics really resonate while also being blissfully enjoyable… Bringing together raw, honest emotion with a sound that is simply undeniable, it’s a match made in heaven for the band.”·

Sleeping Bag.jpg

you KNOW you’re in for something completely badass when you look at a band’s social media pages and in the first two ‘artists we like’ you find listed – BACK-to-BACK – are Alice In Chains and Chopin.  Believe me when I say, you’re not going to find that combination on the regular to begin with; but even more rare would be to find that the music being made would indeed show the influence of both …Love Ghost is one of those bands that makes a guy like me believe in the future of music… with their latest single “Girl Pusher” you can hear Progressive, Metal, Grunge, Alternative, and Classical music furiously blended into one savagely satisfying and mammoth sound.  Give this band the credit they deserve – Ryan Stevens is a beast on the bass, Mya Greene adds an essential part of Love Ghost’s sound through the viola, Samson Young is clearly a warrior on the drum throne, and the vocals from lead-singer/guitarist Finn Bell SHOULD drop your jaw in amazement – cause this dude is CRUSHIN’ it on the mic… you gotta assume that if this is the level their at now, that they’re going to become seriously monstrous over this next decade coming up here.  And if they keep at it from all-angles like they are here with their single/video for “Girl Pusher” – there’s a massive chance that this band will go the distance and find the success they’re after. Read full article at

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Overall, this is a remarkable debut album from a band who have juxtaposed grunge, metal and experimental rock to create a potent fusion that sustains the listener’s interest across the duration of the album with some style. The lyrics are poetic and thoughtful, sung with boundless sincerity and honesty, along with cathartic rage. They are the natural heirs to Nirvana, with the musical range of Sonic Youth. They deserve to be huge. Read full article at The Faulkner Review

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Love Ghost thrust inescapable elements of modern life into their writing, as well as an endless level of creativity. The viola brings something incredibly new and exciting to the stage, and as you hear the songs unfolding, the passion and power of the delivery from every angle is immense... Whatever opinions you may form about the band after hearing just half of any one of these songs, they’re likely to be blown out of the water within a few minutes of hearing whatever else surrounds it. This album is a work of art for modern grunge and rock in general. Love Ghost are a fairly young band, and with that comes a fresh perspective, unwavering honesty, and clearly – at all times – a genuine love and passion for making music. Lobotomy is consistently interesting and musically satisfying. A live show would be a must, and I look forward to seeing where they take things in the future. Read full article at Stereo Stickman

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It’s hard to really think of a more fitting opening for the recording than the sound of a steady beating drum and a wavering viola playing as a backdrop to Finn Bell’s poignantly rasping voice. There’s something viscerally fascinating about this song as it takes the listener on a journey through a merciless persecution, with all the metaphors for a cruel society present in its story. The track as a whole is imbued with such a sense of otherworldly stupor and menace that at times it seems as if Finn Bell (Vocals, keys, guitar), Mya Greene (Viola), Ryan Stevens (Bass) and Samson Young (Drums), are close to a grand implosion – such is the power of the taught emotions running through their performances. Read full article at

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Lobotomy is one hell of an interesting and fun spin. This thirteen track album packs a mighty punch. But even though the music is loud and intense, the main emphasis is on songs, lyrics, and melodies.  Cool complex cuts include "Girl Pusher," "Parasitical Identity," "This is the Truth," and "In My Head Again." Cool tunes recorded and produced with exacting precision. Intelligent, hard rockin' stuff delivered with intense style. Read full article at

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Rising as new champions of the grunge revival, Love Ghost are a band out of time and reveling in their position as musical outcasts… ‘Lobotomy’ is a sonic rallying cry that is wonderfully entertaining while also crushingly relatable… Read full article at

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The album is obviously a fragment of time in our lives. A lot of it is about identity and a lot of the music videos correlate to a certain sense of identity, or identity struggle. Also, we’ve been doing this movement lately called Feed the Homeless, where every Sunday at 10 a.m. we meet and us and some of our fans give out sandwiches, sodas and water to the homeless population of L.A.”  Now that’s making a difference. Read full article at


Underground uses some gorgeous animation to depict a cynical irony with powerful and constantly shifting visuals. Based solely on its ability to make something out of nothing, this is admittedly one of the most memorable music videos of the year…Love Ghost carries on their legacy of maintaining a deep rooted relevance with well thought- out music videos… Finnegan Bell on vocals, guitar and piano and Mya Greene on viola display rare virtuosity. The intense atmosphere of the imaginative, vibrant and thought provoking shots brings the haunting tone of the song to life. The stark yet simplistic animation style based largely on the wobbly movement of the symbolic figures fits the mood perfectly. The beauty of this approach is that it gets you to listen carefully to the lyrics. This is something that can be difficult to achieve with music videos, since the action distracts from the song itself. Read full article at Cult Critic Film Magazine

Love Ghost... is full of youth and rage.  Earlier this year, they released a grungy dirge, but 9mm goes beyond that.  The animation hits harder because of its boldness, complemented by the jarring and distorted score. The style is reminiscent of alt-animation cult classics like Waltz with the Bashir and April and the Extraordinary World. Capping at three minutes, the video also alternates between monochrome and colour to depict the grim reality, delusions and dreams of the shooter, who stands on the cusp of throwing his entire life away, and ending those of so many. For those scarred by the horrific memories and the rising recurrence of such incidents, the music video makes for a cathartic watch. Read full article at Cult Critic Film Magazine

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Love Ghost’s The Scarlet Letter is a song of such haunting beauty it leaves you achingly mesmerized. Taken from their newly released debut LP Lobotomy, it sits like an emotional landmine between the controlled rage of opener Girl Pusher, and the punch in the face of Parasitical Identity…It is powerful, it is breathtaking, and by the song’s end we are witnessing the musical shattering of a mind; a consciousness that, filled with frustration and no escape, implodes upon itself in anger and confusion…Love Ghost’s musical maturity and their raw, articulated honesty goes to show why they are such an important band in today’s climate of denial. Read full article at Anti-Heroin Chic

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Love Ghost’s first full-length album, Lobotomy is a psychedelic, groove-ridden collective of songs hearkening to the days of grunge, but with a uniquely cool, twenty-first-century vibe. Songs like “This is The Truth,” “Nowhere” and “Parasitical Identity” tastefully capture the youth-ridden angst but with a fresh, deeper sense of maturity. Read full article at

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Imagine if Mudhoney had paid their dues in the industrial wastelands of Birmingham, England in the late sixties. Or conversely Black Sabbath had invented grunge whilst touring around the American North-West. You can’t imagine either of those scenarios? Well, take a listen to Parasitical Identity and you get a sonic glimpse of what either of those alternative scenarios might have resulted in. It’s a song that blends the slow, doom laden riffs of the originators of heavy metal with the uncompromising, raw edged onslaught that those stalwarts of grunge were known for.  Musically it is the band doing what they do so well, blending swathes of cavernous guitars with space and atmosphere, switching between intricacy and power, using delicate riffs to hold back tense and terse sonic tsunamis before unleashing them to maximum effect. Read full article at Dancing about Architecture

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The new 13 track record Lobotomy by Love Ghost is a full-on sonic adventure. Right from the opener “Girl Pusher” the raw energy punches you right in the face. The production is top notch and musicianship at a level much higher than expected considering their age. The explosion of power continues on “Parasitical Identity” and “Nowhere.” Even when the music downshifts for a minute to let you catch your breath, the band is only setting up for another rise to uncontrollable intensity. An interesting twist is Love Ghost’s take on the Irish folk classic “Danny Boy.” The grunge sound takes it to levels not experienced before. On “Tall Poppies” we hear more of Viola creating more innovative sound to set the band apart from contemporaries.  The ride continues all the way to the closer “In My Head Again.” This one has a darker vibe that takes us to a strange place. Sounds seem to come from all angles to attack our mind. The power has never wavered. We are left in an almost exhausted state but a smile remains on our face. This is what music is supposed to do!  Read full article at Indie Band Guru

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Listen, I know ghosts scare you, but trust me, these ghosts are very easy to love! Their insistence on giving listeners some of the rawest/most explosive rock music in the industry will inspire you, and their knack for creating music that makes you feel something will keep you hooked. Move over Casper, these ghosts might just be more lovable than you!... I think the biggest draw of “Nowhere” is its youthful energy. With the premise of the the track revolving around the misguided confidence teenagers have when reaching their dreams, I think its only right that musically you get lots and lots of vivacious energy.  “This Is the Truth” is as beautiful as a ballad is going to get. As expected, it contains lots of soulful singing, and an instrumental that keeps poking at my already fragile heart.  love how this song is mostly somber, but at the end, turns into absolute mayhem! I’m talking drums banging, bass boomin’ and an absolutely ferocious guitar inception. “Tall Poppies” … boasts numbing vocals by the lead singer, a kick ass violin contribution, and some explosive guitar-play and drumming… each individual in this group cares dearly about their craft, which I believe is the driving force behind the passionate rock music you hear. They also have youth on their side, an aspect that is impossible to emulate or fake. Their instrument-play, lyrical content and boisterous vocals talk directly to my soul, swaying it into places that are both dark and cautiously optimistic. I appreciate their music, their brand, and most importantly, their fearlessness. Read full article at The Ratings Game

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Teenage rock band Love Ghost has succeeded in creating a unique visual for their latest single ‘Parasitical Identity’. The haunting video features stunningly dark stop-animation from Dave Long. The soundtrack to this poignant portrayal of psychosis features the band’s signature mix of heavy rock coupled with grunge and garage rock elements. Bell’s poetic vocals are set against clashing guitars and driving drums with melancholy dripped viola riffs draping the evocative soundscape. Read full article at Spill Magazine


Screen Shot 2018-05-31 at 10.17.47 AM.png

That contrast begins on the arrangement level, where Mya Greene’s viola weaves depth and nuance into Finn Bell’s crushing grunge guitar and Ryan Stevens’ bass. Between Samson Young’s deliberate drums and a seemingly aimless melody, “Nowhere” captures an essential paradox of the teenage experience: the feeling of having no specific destination, and the imperative to get there yesterday. The video, directed by Dan Bell, harnesses the same duality. Pairing dramatic rooftop performance footage with Lena Bishop’s colorful animated sequences, it’s the visual equivalent of the track’s Pixies-style dynamics. Love Ghost are the picture of a promising teenage band. Here’s hoping the path to ‘Nowhere’ brings them back around for more. Read full article at The All Scene Eye



On March 26, California-based alternative rock band Love Ghost released an enthralling new single entitled ‘Scarlet Letter.’ Sonically, the track combines the muddy guitars of Alice in Chains with Kurt Cobain’s iconic yelp and some compelling strings that are reminiscent of Darling Violetta. Lyrically, the song weaves a harrowing tale of captivity and suffering that was inspired by violist Mya Green’s experience being misdiagnosed with autism as a child. Taken together, those two elements make ‘Scarlet Letter’ one of the most impactful alt-rock songs of 2018. Read full article at AXS


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We’re excited to premiere the band’s next single ‘Girl Pusher’. The song is unique… the four-piece blend heavy rock, garage psych and moody pop for a unique fusion all their own. We think you’ll like it quite a bitRead full article at New Fury Media


Screen Shot 2018-06-01 at 1.09.57 PM.png

It is a moody, mature sounding track, one where Bell’s voice matches perfectly with a thick mix of heavy instrumentation – picture a young Alice in Chains. When asked about the idea behind the new single, Bell stated, “‘Dead Silence’ is a song about isolation, it’s about feeling alone whilst walking on a crowded street.” A feeling many can relate to, especially in a time where people are more disconnected than connected thanks to the social media age, “Dead Silence” is a strong new offering. With new music brewing day after day, the future looks bright for Love Ghost. Read full article at Cryptic Rock



Love Ghost has it going on! ‘Forgive Me’ is one of those songs thats dominant trait is excellence on all fronts: arrangement, production, musicianship and a contagious melody. And Bell’s vocals are just icing on the cake, making it superlative. Read full article at HuffPost



I love these guys. Straight off the starting line, I love them. LA teens Love Ghost have drawn influence from the 90’s grunge scene and turned it into their own 21st century sound while retaining that raw, exciting energy of grunge. Read full article at Listen with Monger


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‘Chimpanzee’ seems to be a serious, dark song with an impressive arrangement that flows effortlessly from beginning to end. A few things stand out in this piece, including the use of the viola that works almost like a guitar – highlighting the ebbs and flows of the song; all while the thumping bass-line, deliberate percussion, and snarling, but intelligent vocals complete this alt-rock expedition. Read full article at Pancakes and Whiskey


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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite grunge, garage 90’s alternative rock band was after all one of 2017’s most stunning revelations and playing some kind of Led Zeppelin meets Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver blend?  Well it would sound like Love Ghost and you would not want to miss it! Read full article at Indievotion


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Back with another intensely beautiful single, here is the exclusive premiere of “Bones” piercing your heart as you listen. You’re still very aware of the fact that this band’s ability to ensnare your emotions is well beyond what their age might suggest. They hold the strength and maturity of a band that has been around for decades, and we can’t wait to see what’s to comeRead full article at Impose



You’ll find yourself comparing them to a host of 90’s bands, but while that may be the initial charm that lures you in, their song structure and musical prowess will have you hooked for good. Read full article at Musicblend



Let these cats get a full length under their belt and watch out! They’ll be your new favorite band. Read full article at Noise Journal



They’ve conquered a sound that musicians double their age are still trying to master.  Love Ghost are going far. Read full article at Circuit Sweet


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Love Ghost’s Head-Turning video for “Forgive Me” is an impressive effort that  blends a dream-like plot with convincing performance art… Love Ghost is full of energy and promise with inspired vocals (reminiscent of Curt Cobain) and something unique to this Grunge act: the symphonic Viola playing by member Mya Greene, who adds a touch of sophistication to the madness. Read full article at Enter the Venture



LA-based Love Ghost makes grunge-inspired alt-rock that’s captivatingly deep and delightfully atmospheric… blows listeners out of the water. The group is reminiscent of Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins & Thirty Seconds To Mars, with pensive existential themes conveyed through powerfully dynamic and perfectly-weaved strings (guitar, viola and bass)… blends in subtle pop-punk & LA-folk elements into their shredding yet subdued sound aesthetic. I have no doubt that Love Ghost will serve LA’s music legacy quite well with this genuine and gracious grunge. Read full article at Indie Beat


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Los Angeles-based rockers Love Ghost are inspired by '90s grunge, and that translate into their sound and aesthetic. Listening to them, you'd be stunned to learn that they're teenagers. Their new monumental video for "Forgive Me." Clocking in at over 10 minutes, the epic video that starts off with Tarantino-esque vibe before things devolve from there. As for the song, well, this band can play and if they're able to harness the talents demonstrated on this tune, the future is beyond promising for them. "The video is about a journey one takes to forgive their self, it shows how a relic from your past can have the power to be a nefarious omen in the future," singer Finn Bell says. "We can only run from our pasts for so long, until eventually we greet our self made demons face to face. The liberation in confronting your past, could have the power to make you forgive. Read full article at Pure Volume


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Love Ghost has summoned the ghosts of the ’90s, and in today’s climate it sounds pretty friendly, not to mention alternative. Read full article at


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Their grungy, gritty sound recalls 1990s alt-rock greats like Alice in Chains and the Smashing Pumpkins. Bell draws from personal experience for his insightful lyrics and mixes atmospheric, cinematic compositions with more direct alt-rock sonics. Read full article at The Big Takeover


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LA-based quartet, Love Ghost, takes us wandering in the desert and rocking in grunge fashion at church in their new video “Forgive Me.” The song shrouds us into the abstract soundscape where the distorted melody and semi-cryptic vocals gives us rare, aesthetic chills. Read full article at Aupium



(translated) If you're one of those who like classic alternative rock of the 90s , this band can not be outside your playlist. We invite you to listen to Friday Afternoon Forgive Me , two singles that sound great. Read full article at Zone Nights


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Love Ghost’s musical composition is inspired by a mix of old universal horror films meshed with iconic grunge artists such as Nirvana and Alice in Chains. Read full article at New Noise


Love Ghost stands poised to take the mantle and lead grunge into the next generation. Read full article


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For fans of 90’s Alternative and Grunge Rock, Love Ghost is a band that you must check out. They take influence from bands such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins etc and give it a new modern sound that is purely their own. It is beautiful, haunting, atmospheric and incredible all at the same time and couldn’t be recommended enough.


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Deftly played Viola in the hands of Mya Greene allows Love Ghost to launch themselves upon a global audience with some considerable confidence. Read full article



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