Love Ghost

An indie rock band from Los Angeles. The band was formed in February of 2015, and they have been busy performing at clubs throughout Los Angeles ever since. The band has played in both Make Music Pasadena and Echo Park Rising, and they have been the opening act for OzomatliBuckcherry, Berlin and The Tubes.


Vocals, Guitar, Piano / Finnegan Bell

Viola / Mya Greene

Drums, Vocals / Ale Sierra

Bass, Vocals / Ryan Stevens



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Love Ghost has made several top ten lists (The Big Takeover, rock.current), they have been featured in many Hype Machine blogs, selected as one of the top new bands by indie imagination radio (Netherlands), and have been written about in online music sites worldwide. Their songs have been named "song of the day" multiple times by international bloggers, and have been played on radio stations around the globe. Their performance of "Forgive Me" has been number 1 worldwide on the Balcony TV charts for nine consecutive weeks, and is currently number 2 for the entire year.  Click on the links below to see their latest press:

"LA-based Love Ghost makes grunge-inspired alt-rock that’s captivatingly deep and delightfully atmospheric… blows listeners out of the water.  The group is reminiscent of Garbage, Smashing Pumpkins & Thirty Seconds To Mars, with pensive existential themes conveyed through powerfully dynamic and perfectly-weaved strings (guitar, viola and bass)… blends in subtle pop-punk & LA-folk elements into their shredding yet subdued sound aesthetic. I have no doubt that Love Ghost will serve LA’s music legacy quite well with this genuine and gracious grunge."-

let these cats get a full length under their belt and watch out! they’ll be your new favorite band."– New Noise Journal

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like if your favorite grunge; garage 90’s alternative rock band was after all, one of 2016 most stunning revelations and playing some kind of Led Zeppelin meets Alice in Chains, Stone Temple Pilots, Velvet Revolver blend? Well it would sound like “Love Ghost” and you would not want to miss it!" - INDIEVOTION

“Back with another intensely beautiful single, here is the exclusive premiere of “Bones”... Piercing your heart as you listen. Melancholic in its nature, you’re still very aware of the fact that this band’s ability to ensnare your emotions is well beyond what their age might suggest. They hold the strength and maturity of a band that has been around for decades, and we can’t wait to see what’s to come.”-  Impose Magazine

"You’ll find yourself comparing them to a host of 90’s bands but while that may be the initial charm that lures you in, their song structure and musical prowess will have you hooked for good.. A beautiful guitar intro turns quickly into some painful lyrics (especially for such a young band) on “Mystery Box” as the production value soars through the roof with distant, eerie guitar work…"

“For fans of 90’s Alternative and Grunge Rock, Love Ghost is a band that you must check out. They take influence from bands such as Nirvana, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins etc and give it a new modern sound that is purely their own. It is beautiful, haunting, atmospheric and incredible all at the same time and couldn’t be recommended enough.”- music nerd reviews (UK)

"With Friday Afternoon the group have mixed the 90s grunge with violin and soft vocals. It's quite simply an unexpected masterpiece"-  love ‘em blog- Australia

“Mystery Box”- Track of the day- Little Indie Blogs

“Love Ghost has summoned the ghosts of the ’90s, and in today’s climate it sounds pretty friendly, not to mention alternative.”-

"their brand new song "Forgive Me". Outside of being a totally rad rock tune, the song was produced by Asdru Sierra of Ozomatli fame."- PureGrainAudio

"…their new single, “Chimpanzee”- A mix of Silverchair-style grunge with Yellowcard-esque viola, the track is dark and brooding while still being incredibly catchy."-

(Spanish Translation)If you're one of those who like classic alternative rock of the 90s , this band can not be outside your playlist.  We invite you to listen to Friday Afternoon Forgive Me , two singles that sound great.”-

"Friday Afternoon‘ screams nostalgia, it plays havoc with your emotions but the single highlights Love Ghost‘s talent, they’ve created a track which is deep, sincere and honest. They’ve developed the right projection and their work effortlessly flows throughout, keeping the listener fully engaged. This act is home to such young and promising musicians and that alone is simply incredible. They’ve conquered a sound that musicians double their age are still trying to master. Love Ghost are going far."

"Here are streams of new music you should be listening to that expresses the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll”-"

"their grungy, gritty sound recalls 1990s alt-rock greats like Alice in Chains and the Smashing PumpkinsBell draws from personal experience for his insightful lyrics and mixes atmospheric, cinematic compositions with more direct alt-rock sonics."- The Big Takeover- Jen Dan TOP 10- JULY 2016

SONG OF THE DAY- Friday Afternoon- @fangirlrhythm

Song of the Day: Friday Afternoon-  New Lease Music

Friday Afternoon- track of the day- Stereo Embers  

"a captivating track with a lot of depth to it. It's a brilliant debut from such a young band"-

"young band with that cool garage rock energy and great vocal skills of primary lead singer Finn Bell"- musicnutontheloose

TOP 5 NEW INDIE ROCK WEEK (Love Ghost #4) – Wolf in a Suit

"deftly played Viola in the hands of Mya Greene allows Love Ghost to launch themselves upon a global audience with some considerable confidence"- Emerging Indie Bands

"It has a driving sound, but still soft for the tone the band wanted to relay.  This is a really solid ballad that I believe everyone can get into"- ComicPop

"a certain rawness to their distorted guitar melodies (get a load of those guitars in the last minute!) accompanied by a level of maturity in arrangements that belies their age."- Little Indie Blogs

July 2016 mixtape- little Indie Blogs

"The combination of rock from the 90's and the classic instruments included on the track, make it a great song"-

"Friday Afternoon-a tune packed with orchestral guitars, soulful viola and passionate vocals."Diamond Deposits

Friday Afternoon steadily churns with a thickly textured, simmering to roiling rhythm of planing to searing guitar distortion, heavy bass, chugging to dynamic drums, and the weave of sweet viola lines.  Bell sings in a subdued tone on the verses and then exclaims in a yearning register on the smashing chorus sections. - 

(German Translation) “Friday Afternoon… the best of Grunge meets the garage rock of the present, and out comes an unmistakable modern sound.  Lead singer Finn Bell’s strong voice at the young age of 15 is freshly changed”- WeLoveThatSound (German Blog)

"Lyrically, the band creates and paints a musical journey of raw emotion and effortlessly intertwines this emotion within the music itself."LivingTheVanLife

(Portuguese translation) “Compositions and arrangements filled with soul, feeling and a certain solitude.”- Ouvido Alternativo: Liberdade Musical

(Catalan translation) “Love Ghost could have been one of the great American bands of the 90s, but best of all is that it can also be one of the revelations of this 2016… A delight, nothing less.”  Dancing with the Clown- Spanish Blog

"Love Ghost’s musical composition is inspired by a mix of old universal horror films meshed with iconic grunge artists such as Nirvana and Alice in Chains."- New Noise Magazine



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